Culinaire Dictionnaire – 19 May 2012

Service à la russe – a manner of dining that involves courses being brought to the table sequentially.

A typical 14-course menu for a formal French dinner in service à la russe style is as follows:

  1. Oysters or clams on a half shell. Alternatively, fruit or caviar may be served
  2. Soup (each guest may choose between clear or thick)
  3. Radishes, celery, olives and almonds
  4. Fish, with potatoes and cucumbers with oil & vinegar
  5. Sweetbreads (or mushrooms)
  6. A roast with a green vegetable
  7. Frozen Roman punch (an alcoholic fruit punch thickened with egg whites)
  8. Game with salad
  9. Artichokes, asparagus or spinach inside a shell of pastry
  10. Creamed sweet (e.g. a heavy pudding)
  11. Frozen sweet (e.g. a sorbet or ice cream)
  12. Cheeses with biscuits and butter
  13. Crystallized and stuffed dried fruits served with bonbons
  14. Coffee, liqueurs, cognac, and sparkling water (at this time cigars may be smoked)


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