On The Hunt for New Dinnerware

When Dustin and I were engaged, my tastes were a lot more conservative.  (I’m resisting the urge to say “boring”, because that’s the true story.)   So, I went traditional with Pottery Barn’s Emma:

The craziest I got was getting serving bowls and platters in the pale green (which they no longer offer).

I’m older now, wiser, and want something pretty and bold.  I’m currently thinking about one these sets from Rachael Ray’s collection:

Rachael Ray Dinnerware Paisley Dinnerware Set, 16-Piece

Rachael Ray Dinnerware Curly-Q Dinnerware Set, 16-Piece, Green

I probably have a better chance of convincing Dustin to go with the latter, but I really, really love the paisley.

What do you guys currently have?  I’m totally looking for ideas/suggestions.


  1. Carolyn J. Wagner aka MIMI says:

    I love the paisley dinnerware set, the red and olive combo looks great together, and I am very into paisley for a while now. Must be the 60’s coming out in me again. If you are planning on keeping red as the accent color, this would be the one I would vote for. Love MOM2

  2. Good point! I hadn’t thought about the red tying in with the rest of the kitchen. :)

  3. I want to get new dinnerware as well. In my opinion, food looks best on pure white plates. I once bought a clearanced set of Dark mocha pottery style dishes (i’m talking $5 for the whole set and so pretty!) All it took was to serve spaghetti on these dark plates…it instantly grossed us out so I sold them in the yard sale for double the price. haha The set I have now is called Whole wheat (or something like that.) Not my favorite either, but they have been really good, hefty dishes over the years. It’s time for new and clean!! Here we come, white dishes. LOL

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