My Kitchen Remodel and Unexpected Side Effects   

We started a major kitchen remodel last Wednesday.  It was packed up and off-limits the Sunday before that.  That’s almost two weeks without the room in my house that is my solace. My place to recover after a long day of work. My world to be creative and cook. The room where we gather as a family on Sunday afternoons/evenings to cook and enjoy a large meal. I watch my son play in the back yard from those windows. I watch our dog, Pepper, scrounge for crumbs in continuous circles around the island. I relive family memories from the dishes and other items passed down to me.

Before the remodel, I already knew how important the kitchen is to me. Without it, however, I learned how important it is to my well-being and sanity.  When my home is cluttered, so is my mind. Little things I can normally handle with ease have been a struggle. Every small annoyance grates on me. I have no place to go to escape.

So many people keep reminding me, “Yeah, but it will be worth it!” Yes. It will be. My favorite space in my house will be new, refreshed, rejuvenated.  But until then, I will not be.  So, please stop saying “It’s a small price to pay for a new kitchen.” For people that have anxiety and depression, it’s not a small price to lose your haven.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful that we have the resources to upgrade our home. I am beyond grateful that this is happening. I am blessed with a husband that is letting me pretty much have my way on everything we’ve done to the kitchen.  I’m more blessed that he’s been a rock for me during these past two weeks.

But, it’s time for the dust to settle. It’s time for me to be able to be in my happy space again.



Kitchen Towel-Obsessed

Only second to my obsession with collecting cookbooks is my obsession with kitchen towels.

I use them all the time. I go through 3 or 4 every time I cook a large meal.  I refuse to use paper towels unless I have to.  I have one towel on my person, one used for wiping down the counters, and extras…just in case.

I’m also very girly and love pretty, cute things.  They brighten up my kitchen.  They make me smile.  They take me back to the trips where I purchased them.  They are my souvenirs from long-ago vacations.

I think it’s time for a new batch for the summer:

Recipe Dishtowel – $9.95

May, 2014: In Pictures

May 2014 | Sarafina's Kitchen

Since Last Year…

I’ve learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

I’ve loved more than I thought possible.

I’ve been hurt more than I thought possible.

I’ve come through all of those things.

I’ve become more comfortable with being “me”.

I’ve made new friends because I am finally “me”.

I’ve learned who my true friends are.

I’ve learned that I’m pretty cool and VERY blessed.

Things I Learned at Austin ComicCon 2012

  • A cheap wedding dress + a Star Trek communicator does not a costume make.
  • One can have too much Bazinga.

download (1)

  • Sir Patrick Stewart puts a sweater on one arm at a time like the rest of us.
  • Craig Parker lets his fans sing Time Warp in his Q&A.
  • It’s easier to spot celebrities if they’re carrying a large bag of BBQ.
  • Ghostbusters are really popular again? (At least in Houston.)
  • Barbie dolls can do very disturbing things to one another.
  • If Commander Data wants us to do “the wave”, we do the wave.
  • Levar goes commando when he wears jeans.
  • If you are a man and you insist on wearing your Wonder Woman costume, take the time to shave your chest…please.
  • $85K worth of Starfleet uniforms traded for Kitt car = buying 2 Star Trek action figures and getting a Riker one for free
  • Having a Klingon wear tights and a hat with a feather doesn’t make him one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. It makes him a Klingon pimp.


For some great pictures of the convention, head over to Do512’s Flickr page (they run through page 31).

Some more from Ain’t It Cool News !

10/30:  More pictures:

Austin Chronicle

Culture Map Austin

The Weeping Angel under the “i love you so much” sign is my new bff (and honorary ginger), Megan. :) She was a volunteer at the convention and is totally awesome.

Week in Review



Week in Review – 10/14/12


Still here…

but this has pretty much been my life lately.

I have still been cooking, though, so I’ll have some recipes up this week.



Week in Review



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