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Long Time, No Post.

Meagan journal, links

Hello, friends. I hope you missed me and the blog, at least a little bit. I have still been cooking, but I’ve been too busy, lazy, (insert other lame excuse) to share them here. I plan on changing that in the near future. Until then, enjoy this collection of #treatyoself goodies I’ve bookmarked for myself […]

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Nibbles and Noshes

Meagan journal, NibblesAndNoshes

Here’s a quick round-up of stories that I’ve been reading online and the latest books on my nightstand. Stories What Toto’s “Africa” is really about Need to chill out for a few? Watch this film of iridescent crystals growing. What did 17th century food taste like? Revisiting the Heyday of California’s ‘Crazy’ Novelty Architecture This […]

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My Kitchen Remodel and Unexpected Side Effects   

Meagan journal

We started a major kitchen remodel last Wednesday.  It was packed up and off-limits the Sunday before that.  That’s almost two weeks without the room in my house that is my solace. My place to recover after a long day of work. My world to be creative and cook. The room where we gather as […]

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Kitchen Towel-Obsessed

Meagan gifts, journal

Only second to my obsession with collecting cookbooks is my obsession with kitchen towels. I use them all the time. I go through 3 or 4 every time I cook a large meal.  I refuse to use paper towels unless I have to.  I have one towel on my person, one used for wiping down the […]

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Since Last Year…

Meagan journal

I’ve learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I’ve loved more than I thought possible. I’ve been hurt more than I thought possible. I’ve come through all of those things. I’ve become more comfortable with being “me”. I’ve made new friends because I am finally “me”. I’ve learned who my true […]

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Things I Learned at Austin ComicCon 2012

Meagan comicon, journal

A cheap wedding dress + a Star Trek communicator does not a costume make. One can have too much Bazinga. Sir Patrick Stewart puts a sweater on one arm at a time like the rest of us. Craig Parker lets his fans sing Time Warp in his Q&A. It’s easier to spot celebrities if they’re […]

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