Four Foods on Friday: Ramen

Yes, it’s Wednesday. But I love Val’s meme so much, that I’m playing catch up today on the ones I’ve missed.

1. How do you usually make ramen noodles?
Brick style, in my Pampered Chef microwave cooker.
2. What’s your favorite flavor of ramen noodles?
3. Do you add anything to your ramen noodles?
I usually do. At at minimum, some low sodium soy sauce. When I’m feeling fancy, maybe some garlic or feta cheese.
4. Is there a flavor of ramen noodles do you wish was on the market?
I wish our store had more of a variety. I have to go to an Asian market near work for a good variety. (And by variety I mean a looooooooooong aisle of nothing but noodles.)

Four Foods on Friday: Grilled Cheese

Yes, it’s Wednesday. But I love Val’s meme so much, that I’m playing catch up today on the ones I’ve missed.

1. How do you make grilled cheese?
Two slices of bread, butter on all 4 sides, 2-3 slices of cheddar cheese smashed between. Sometimes, I’ll use mayo mixed with onion powder, garlic powder, and parsley on the inside instead of butter.
2. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put on your grilled cheese sandwich and did you like it?
Hmm. I rarely mess with grilled cheese. It’s too perfect the way it is!
3. What’s your favorite bread for grilled cheese?
4. Have you ever tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich using a shortcut way? (Think iron, car engine, you get the picture.)
Nope. Can’t say that I have. :)

Four Foods on Friday 134: Bread!

Time to talk bread for  !

When making a sandwich do you put condiments on one or both pieces of bread?

Both pieces of bread.  Mayo and mustard mixed together on both sides.
If you could create a type bread you could buy at the supermarket what
would it be?

Potato Bread
Do you eat the heels/ends from loaves of bread?

You bet!
What’s one type of bread you don’t like?

Love ’em all!  Rye, Pumpernickel, Dill, Sourdough, …

Four Foods On Friday 133

Time for !

What are your four favorite kitchen utensils?

Mine are:

  1. Wooden Spoons (I have 5 that I keep in rotation on top of my stove)
  2. Small Mesh Strainer (small batches of pasta, jars of artichoke hearts to be drained, etc.)
  3. Paring Knife (especially for deveining shrimp)
  4. Mandoline Slicer (perfect gratin potatoes every time!)

Four Foods On Friday 132

Now that I’m settling in on WordPress, I thought I’d make my first new post from here by my  post!

1. Bananas. Do you think the smaller ones are sweeter?

I have no idea!  I’d have to ask the hubby since he eats more than I do.

2. Watermelon. Do you think that if the outside is darker green that it means the watermelon is sweeter?

Sorry, not a watermelon fan.  Again, I’ll confirm with Mr. Warncke.

3. Grapes. Do you think the round globe shaped ones are sweeter than the more ovalish shaped ones?

I do, actually!

4. Pears. Do canned pears taste completely different than fresh pears?

Yes. Not only is the texture much different, I think the taste is, too.

Four Foods on Friday

Excited to be participating in from the Kitchen now! (For my previous entries, please see my other blog, Ramblings of an Insane Redhead)

Tell me either the four strangest things or four non-food items that are in your fridge.

1) Coffee – It stays fresher if you keep it in the fridge. Unopened bags go in the freezer.

2) Baking Soda – Can’t have a stinky fridge!

That’s it for my fridge…but in the freezer:

3) Teething Rings

4) Ice Packs

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