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Things I Learned at Austin ComicCon 2012

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  • A cheap wedding dress + a Star Trek communicator does not a costume make.
  • One can have too much Bazinga.

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  • Sir Patrick Stewart puts a sweater on one arm at a time like the rest of us.
  • Craig Parker lets his fans sing Time Warp in his Q&A.
  • It’s easier to spot celebrities if they’re carrying a large bag of BBQ.
  • Ghostbusters are really popular again? (At least in Houston.)
  • Barbie dolls can do very disturbing things to one another.
  • If Commander Data wants us to do “the wave”, we do the wave.
  • Levar goes commando when he wears jeans.
  • If you are a man and you insist on wearing your Wonder Woman costume, take the time to shave your chest…please.
  • $85K worth of Starfleet uniforms traded for Kitt car = buying 2 Star Trek action figures and getting a Riker one for free
  • Having a Klingon wear tights and a hat with a feather doesn’t make him one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. It makes him a Klingon pimp.


For some great pictures of the convention, head over to Do512’s Flickr page (they run through page 31).

Some more from Ain’t It Cool News !

10/30:  More pictures:

Austin Chronicle

Culture Map Austin

The Weeping Angel under the “i love you so much” sign is my new bff (and honorary ginger), Megan. 🙂 She was a volunteer at the convention and is totally awesome.
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