I Will Not Apologize For…

My love of music…

  • Hairbands rock my world.
  • MmmmBop makes me smile.
  • Boyz II Men 4 ever.
  • Paula Abdul gave it to us Straight Up.
  • Country music is my soul.

My love of movies…

  • Star Wars. Chicks are fans, too.
  • The Way We Were. Babs and Robert, enough said.
  • Super Bad.  How can I not root for Fogel? He’s my homeboy.
  • Wizard of Oz. Me and Glinda are like *this*.
  • The Red Shoes. Moira Shearer. Ginger goodness.


  • Being 30 pounds overweight.
  • Being stubborn.
  • Being sentimental.
  • Loving more deeply than I sometimes should.
  • Giving my heart away too easily.

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