Has it all Gone Too Far?

With recent news of the foie gras ban in California and the soda ban in New York, I wonder if the government is going too far in restricting what we eat.  At what point is it the government’s place to tell us what we can and cannot eat?  While the foie gras ban is to prevent the supposed mistreatment of animals, it still comes close to drawing a line that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with.  I don’t like the idea of elected officials telling me what I can and can’t put into my body with regards to food.  While I greatly appreciate government agencies controlling the quality and safety of food, I’m not sure that should carry over into them being able to tell me that I can’t drink a 32 oz Dr. Pepper if I choose to.

Why is it that American society expects the government, the schools, etc., to take care of them and raise their children?  Do you really need a talking head to tell you that soda has an insane amount of sugar in it?   Have Americans really become that lazy and nonchalant about their health and well-being?  I really wish everyone would take a little extra time and make the extra effort to be better educate themselves about food and nutrition.  If we all arm ourselves with basic knowledge, then we’ll be prepared to defend ourselves against anyone that thinks they have the right to control what we eat.


  1. I think your question “Have Americans really become that lazy and nonchalant about their health and well-being?” can be undeniably answered with “yes”. With all the recent news on healthcare policy, and hundreds of studies pointing out the strain that obesity and obesity-related diseases put on the economy, our elected officials basically HAVE to respond. If they didn’t, I’d consider it negligent.

    I agree with you 100%. A little information (and self-accountability) would go a long way in removing the need for the government to seemingly overreach their bounds. But if people are willing to put whatever they want in their bodies without taking responsibility for the consequences that it causes for others, then I think the government (which is in place to serve the people) needs to think about the whole population and do what it can to help the most number of people.

  2. Thanks, Mike. All very good points.

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