Sarafina’s Rules of Pinterest Etiquette (For Recipes)

  • The pin should include the name of the recipe. I don’t want to have to guess what the picture is.  While it may really be “yum” or “YUM”, I need more information.
  • Please actually pin the picture of the recipe – not another icon from the blog.  If I can’t see it, I’m not clicking on it.
  • However, if the picture is a poor representation of the food and/or makes me want to gag, don’t post one at all.
  • Basic grammar and spelling, people.  Just sayin’.
  • If you re-pin someone else’s pin, add your own comments – don’t just copy theirs.  That makes *no* sense.
  • Categorize your pins correctly.  I’m tired of seeing dresses in the food category.
  • Along those lines, I don’t need you to pin a picture of a jar of Nutella.  I already know it’s good.  Give me a recipe using it – that’s much more interesting.


  1. I’m in so much agreement here. I hate the “NOM” or “YUM” tag on a recipe. (Now I just hope I’m not guilty of this ever!) TELL ME WHAT IT IS or don’t pin it!!

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