Recipe Planning, DJ Style

  • How many afternoons about 3:00 are you sitting at your desk at work, scrambling for ideas for dinner?
  • How many Sundays do you promise yourself that you’ll make out a weekly menu and actually plan ahead?
  • How many of us simply are too busy to plan, even though it would save time in the long run?

While struggling with these dilemmas, I came across

It’s a pretty cool site.  After signing up for free, a monthly calendar of recipes is generated for you, based on some key food terms/items you select during the sign-up process.  You give the recipes a thumbs up or thumbs down.  If you give it a thumbs down, it’s replaced with another recipe.

Once you’ve found a recipe you like, simply click on it, and it opens in a pop-up window.

Once you’ve picked your recipes for the month, you can then have it create a shopping list for you based on date range for your calendar:

You can then edit and/or delete items.  Pretty cool!

It also lets you add your own recipes to share with others on the site.

I plan on using it to help me in building my weekly menus…or find recipes last minute when said menu doesn’t get made. :)


  1. Nice write up! This site is definitely a bit better then some of the other recipe sites I have come across recently.

  2. I think that it is a really neat concept. The psychology of choosing recipes on a calender works better for planning and shopping for meals than just putting everything on a list. The recipes are very simple and easy to prepare. I like it!

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