I’m Over It!

  • Klout

I don’t get how my actively participating in Tweet Ups, where I’m retweeted and responded to, LOWERS my score.  How the heck does that work?  Also, I was an Instagraming (like the new verb?) fool this past weekend in Vegas, with likes and comments on the photos, and my score only went up one measly point.

  • Google +

I’m trying to share content there, but I never keep up with my friends on G+.  Honestly, I don’t even check in on FB as much as I used to.  If it’s not on Twitter, I probably don’t know about it.

  • Emeril

His New Orleans Fish House at the MGM Grand was a HUGE disappointment.  It ruined my plans of ending our wonderful 3-day weekend in Vegas with a delightful meal.  I should have gone with my gut (which is always right about food) and gone next door to Craftsteak.  Corrin – I will never, ever *not* take your advice again.  (Or let my DH talk me out of it).

The shrimp and chorizo pasta was bland. If there was a white wine sauce on there like the menu said, it was barely noticeable.  Even the chorizo was lacking flavor – I didn’t know that was possible!  o_O

  • People Who Call and Call and Don’t Leave a Message

I might be in a meeting.  I might have someone in my office.  I might be sitting on the toilet!  Dude…I will return your call…chill out!


  1. I have a love hate relationship with Klout. The more I tweet and give +K…the lower my score goes, by hundredths. I think I’ve had the same score since last summer. I only keep checking it for the food perks. :)

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