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Tasteful Selections™ Simply Amazing Flavors Recipe Contest

This October, consumers will have a chance to win free Tasteful Selections™ specialty potatoes for a year. RPE is running the Tasteful Selections™ Simply Amazing Flavors recipe contest through the end of the month on the brand’s Facebook page at facebook.com/TastefulSelections.

Consumers are invited to showcase their culinary skills through this contest. All it takes is uploading an original recipe and a photo on the Recipe Contest tab of the Facebook page. Not only is RPE giving away free potatoes for a year as a first prize, they are giving away $100 and $50 gift cards to runners-up. Contestants will have an opportunity to share their love of Tasteful Selections™ along with their one-of-a-kind recipes, and have their recipes featured on TastefulSelections.com, among other places.


I am in the process of preparing my submission for the contest.  I tried to think of potato recipes I had recently created, and I think I have the perfect one in mind.  I’ve selected one that only has 4 ingredients (6 if you count the salt & pepper), and can be made as quickly as you can boil the potatoes and mash them!  Pictures and more information in the coming weeks!

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