Scouting Out Food in Bermuda

In 26 days, Dustin and I will be heading to Bermuda.  Of course, I’m thinking with my stomach and have started finding good places for us to eat  in Hamilton, Pembroke Parish.

While looking at the menu for the Barracuda Grill, I came across this. There are no words but these:

Kobe Beef And Foie Gras Burger
Ground to order Kobe chuck simply seasoned with finely diced Bermuda onion, pan seared French foie gras with port wine deglaze, summer truffle shavings, accompaniment of three housemade condiments: salsa verde, smoked yellow tomato ketchup, citrus onion marmalade, crusty brioche bun, duck fat fries

Does it *get* any more decadent than that?


Yes – if you follow it up with this:

Movie Night Martini
Smirnoff vodka, butterscotch Schnapps, cream, honey and our secret popcorn ingredient – with candied pop rocks!

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