Sarafina’s Steps to Prepare for Cooking

In order to be fully prepared to spend more than an hour in the kitchen, one must prepare both oneself and the kitchen.  Follow these simple steps for a harmonious cooking environment.

  1. Chill a bottle of wine for dinner. I personally love my Southern Living terra cotta wine chiller.  Fill with ice water, and submerge the bottle.  It will be ready by dinner two hours from now.
  2. Make yourself a cocktail.  My cocktail of choice today is mango juice, Paula’s Texas Orange, and a splash of Luna Zul tequila.  (It’s already 90 degrees in Central Texas, so I need something cold and fruity.)
  3. Empty out your dishwasher of any clean dishes so you’re ready to load it up with the pots, pans, etc. you are going to use for this meal.
  4. Wipe down the counters and pull out your ingredients.
  5. Take a few more sips from the cocktail you made in step 2.
  6. Check on the temperature of the wine, even though it’s only been chilling for about 10 minutes.
  7. Grab a garbage bowl and/or your compost pail.
  8. Take one more sip of courage from your cocktail.
  9. You’re ready to get cooking!

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