Four Foods on Friday: Ramen

Yes, it’s Wednesday. But I love Val’s meme so much, that I’m playing catch up today on the ones I’ve missed.

1. How do you usually make ramen noodles?
Brick style, in my Pampered Chef microwave cooker.
2. What’s your favorite flavor of ramen noodles?
3. Do you add anything to your ramen noodles?
I usually do. At at minimum, some low sodium soy sauce. When I’m feeling fancy, maybe some garlic or feta cheese.
4. Is there a flavor of ramen noodles do you wish was on the market?
I wish our store had more of a variety. I have to go to an Asian market near work for a good variety. (And by variety I mean a looooooooooong aisle of nothing but noodles.)

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