Awesomeness from the Past

Mom brought over a box of my childhood stuff this weekend, and the following items were among those inside:

  1. Whitney Houston tape (old school, baby)
  2. Beauty & the Beast handheld game (no PSP or DS back in those days)
  3. Atari Warranty Card (need I say more)
  4. Reminder to tape Road Rules (a wee bit embarrassed about this one)
  5. My So-Called Life tape (this is the awesome)


  1. I love that your Mom saved a note you wrote about taping Road Rules! I wish there was a way to look in the future and know what things my boys are going to wish I had saved, you know?

  2. I know! Mom’s a bit of a pack rat, now sharing the wealth of “stuff” with me. Seriously thinking about taking more pics of stuff like that and tossing it. I just don’t have room to store it all. :p

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