Embarrassing Photos

I hope that all of you will forgive me for posting about something other than food today, but I promised my friend, Corrin, that I would join her in posting embarrassing photos this week.  These go out to you, Shimlet! :)

6th Grade

Rocking the curled bangs and jumper dress.  Oh yes, and the huge bow on the back of my head.  I see the envy in your eyes!

9th Grade Homecoming

Ah yes.  Still with the curly bangs, but this time, with “fancy” shorts and rhinestone shirt.  What you can’t see are the classy navy blue pumps and hose I’m wearing with the shorts.  Nothing says “hot date” like that!


  1. Don’t feel bad. I, basically, wear the same outfit everyday.

  2. I love love love it! Look how cute you are!

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