Four Foods On Friday 132

Now that I’m settling in on WordPress, I thought I’d make my first new post from here by my  post!

1. Bananas. Do you think the smaller ones are sweeter?

I have no idea!  I’d have to ask the hubby since he eats more than I do.

2. Watermelon. Do you think that if the outside is darker green that it means the watermelon is sweeter?

Sorry, not a watermelon fan.  Again, I’ll confirm with Mr. Warncke.

3. Grapes. Do you think the round globe shaped ones are sweeter than the more ovalish shaped ones?

I do, actually!

4. Pears. Do canned pears taste completely different than fresh pears?

Yes. Not only is the texture much different, I think the taste is, too.

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