Noodle Caboodle!

Whenever I throw a casserole together with pasta and whatever else I have in the house, I call it Noddle Caboodle. I got the name from Family Guy, and it’s stuck. Today for lunch, I made a Caboodle with shell pasta, white cheddar sauce, chicken, collard greens, onion, and garlic.

Brian: Lois, this pasta, better than Italy.
Lois: It’s just my Noodle Caboodle. I did use a different brand of potato chips for the crust, though.
Brian: Your culinary prowess is surpassed only by your unfailing grace and the uncommon, sometimes haunting glow of sensuality that surrounds you.
Lois: It’s just Noodle Caboodle.
Peter: Hey, what are these hard things?
Lois: M&Ms. I ran out of paprika.
Brian: [blows kiss] Magnificent.


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